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Racing Bib Designs

Suess on the Loose is a run/walk 5K race that attracts many families, that wanted a race bib that reflected the illustrator’s style at the heart of its branding. The final bib design was created to allow each person in the race the flexibility to be their own Seussian character without losing the central design identity.

As a nighttime race, Chase the Moon needed dark colors to underscore its nocturnal start time. The highly colored moon image helps add color to a dark palette, while the white text treatments help lighten the imagery.

Mayhem of the Meadowlands, a crossfit competition, wanted three colors for their bibs, representing the blood, sweat and tears shed by its participants to prepare for the grueling challenge. To help tie the three bib colors together and indicate that weightlifting was at the heart of the competition, I incorporated weights into the primary logo.  All bibs created while working at Output Services Inc.

Dr. Seuss Racing Bib Design
Chase the Moon Racing Bib
Mayhem Race Bib